mPact Provides Microbial Protection at GSP Airport

Fountain Inn, SC - February 3, 2008- mPact Environmental Solutions was recently featured in the February 3 article in The Greenville Press, "Foot-borne Bugs Don't Fly at GSP."  The article highlights mPact's solutions to microbial challenges in airport carpeting that is exposed to as many as 750,000 shoeless passengers in a year.

The project entailed cleaning and treating two screening areas in a 4500 square foot area. Significant bacterial and fungal reductions were observed in post-treatment testing. The article, which highlights the testing, treating, and post treatment results can be found at:

Foot-borne bugs don't fly at GSP

mPact Environmental Solutions is a leader in identifying and controlling indoor contaminants. Its premier GamePlan™ service package includes an integrated family of cleaners and antimicrobials for the most effective, longest lasting microbial-control system available. mPale with the ÆGIS Microbe Shield® technology has been used in the marketplace for over 30 years without discovery of adaptive organisms. It has successfully protected schools, medical facilities, office buildings, professional and collegiate sports arenas and training facilities from microbial growth on their surfaces. For more information, please contact us at 1-877-977-8686.



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