mPact and Global FloorCare Partner to Service Mohawk Flooring

Fountain Inn, SC - December 3, 2007 - mPact Environmental Solutions and Global FloorCare Solutions, a licensor of Mohawk FloorCare Essentials are partnering to provide the mPale™ antimicrobial technology to Mohawk flooring customers.

Flooring constitutes a major environmental surface for both residential and commercial establishments. A desirable feature, as shown in market studies, concerns freedom from foul odors. Carpeting by its construction and use provides a habitat for a large variety of microorganisms, some of which not only produce mildew odors, but also contribute to unsightly defacement and deterioration of carpet components as well as produce infectious and/or allergenic conditions. Flooring is the third largest purchase a homeowner will make and savvy flooring consumers understand that floor care is essential, not only for durability but also to control odors and allergens in the home.

With over 35,000 retail centers, Mohawk is the world’s largest provider of flooring and is in the process of establishing Mohawk “Authorized Service Centers” worldwide to service all types of floors under the 130 year old Mohawk brand. mPale will enable Mohawk to provide a valuable and vital service to their customers – microbial control. In turn, “This market channel will greatly increase the visibility of the mPale brand as well as enhance our deliverability of mPact’s services,” says Jim Cashion, President of mPact Environmental Solutions, “it’s a win-win solution.”

mPact Environmental Solutions is a leader in identifying and controlling indoor contaminants. Its premier GamePlan™ service package includes an integrated family of cleaners and antimicrobials for the most effective, longest lasting microbial-control system available. mPale with the ÆGIS Microbe Shield® technology has been used in the marketplace for over 30 years without discovery of adaptive organisms. It has successfully protected schools, medical facilities, office buildings, professional and collegiate sports arenas and training facilities from microbial growth on their surfaces. For more information, please contact us at 1-877-977-8686.



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