Unique 3-step approach

Our GamePlan service package is changing the way the world tackles microbial treatment and prevention. Every mPact GamePlan is tailored to the specific requirements of the home or business at hand and follows three important steps:

Others provide “cookie cutter” solutions that are the same for every customer. But we always identify specific problems and their sources before we recommend solutions. In cases where problems are obvious, the testing step may include nothing more than a visual walk-through. In other cases, air sampling techniques, surface swabs and even thermal imaging may be required to provide benchmark data about contaminants that may be present.


We tailor treatment recommendations based on our findings. We strive to limit the invasiveness---and in turn, the cost----of treatments and repairs that are necessary to solve your indoor contamination problems. Our motto is “Fix what’s broken, save what’s not.” Recommendations range from simple clean up and treatment with our exclusive mPale® Antimicrobial to improved air filtration, repair of moisture leaks, replacement of compromised walls or floors, disinfectant measures, and preventive treatments.

Pre-testing helps us identify the problems. Post-testing verifies that they have been addressed. Test data is verified by an independent laboratory, so you can be certain that results are accurate and objective. But it is our long-term service contracts that provide real peace of mind. We offer a variety of plans that cover annual reinspections, re-testing and/or periodic service calls. We’ll present all the options and help you determine the appropriate level of service when we discuss your personalized GamePlan.

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