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Cruise ships, airlines---even tour bus operators---rely on mPact to ensure a happier, less exposed customer.

You may have heard about “sick” cruise ships being taken out of service after scores of passengers became ill. There are similar stories about airplanes, tour buses and trains.

With mPact’s help, the travel industry is realizing that it costs a lot less to treat and prevent microbial contamination than it costs in down time, lost customers and negative publicity when necessary steps are not taken.

Authorized mPact Service Providers are trained to identify problems at the source and to create a customized GamePlan to address them in the most cost effective way---with as little down-time as possible. Extended service plans are available to keep problems from recurring.

Our coordinated line of cleaners and antimicrobial products work together to control biological pests more effectively----and more economically----than any other system ever devised!

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